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Gate’s CFV™ technology, for the Medical Field, is currently in the Research & Development Stages.

Current Project:

Gate is supporting Marquette University’s effort to bring Human Powered Nebulizer Machines to the poorest regions of the world. This project will bring life and breath to areas with unreliable or no power, especially those regions effected by TB and COPD.

With precise flow control of any fluid (liquid or gas), the CFValve™ has many potential applications in the medical field. From hospital cost management, to green initiatives, to actual patient oriented technology, the Gate CFValve™ and related systems have a miriad applications for the medical field.

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Currently in the R&D phase at Gate:

Conservation of Water in Large Medical Facilities:

By controlling the pressure and flow rates of water for use in the facility (in rooms, laundry, etc), large medical facilities can dramatically reduce water usage and therefore conserve water to improve sustainability and energy conservation while reducing operating costs.

Control and Conservation of Plumbed Gases:

When delivering oxygen through internal plumbing in a hospital or medical facility, pressure drops or surges due to the existing pumping systems. Long runs to the outlets will cause an uneven distribution of gas (one room receiving too high a flow, and another too low) depending on many factors- including location of outlet, number of users accessing at a given time, time of day, etc. The Gate CFV™ resolves this pertinient issue by ensuring a constant flow rate across all outlets regardless of afore mentioned factors.

Control and Metering of Gases and Liquids for Medical Research:

With precise metering and constant flow capabilities (no pulsing) the CFValve™ can provide a very high precision in the application of test materials, mixing of fluids, provision of gas or liquid into a test situation. The standard CFValve™ provides flow rates ±1.5%. By stacking CFValves™ researchers can achieve substantially higher accuracy rates.

By special order, specific flow rates and accuracies can be achieved for Medical Grade Applications.