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Mechanized Sprayers

The CFValve™ was originally designed at the request of E.I. DuPont de Nemours (DuPont) to improve safety and accuracy of spray deposition for agricultural knapsack applications. It has since been expanded to include compression sprayers and motorized equipment . The CFValve™ enjoys universal appeal for any process that profits from constant, calibrated flow of solutions, air or gases. Savings in labor and conservation of chemicals used, plus benefits to worker safety and the environmental protection, are significant factors for successful applications.

Constant Flow Rate Even Across Multiple Outlets

As long as the mechanized sprayer reaches a factory set operating pressure, the Gate CFValve™ will guarantee a constant flow rate and consistent spray pattern. Furthermore, it should be noted that when used in Boom sprayers, the CFValve™ ensures that, as long as the target operating pressure is reached, there is a constant flow of fluid being sprayed from ALL of the outlets, regardless of distance from the pump.


Boom Mechanized Sprayers - Phillipines

The CFValve™ can be used to purposely CREATE differentials within a boom to tailor machinery more precisely to specific application needs.

The pictures show a mechanized Asparagus sprayer in the Phillipines.

It uses the 1X-ST Red CFValve™(21.0psi/1.5bar) along the top to minimize drift. The higher pressure 1X-ST Green CFValves™ (44psi/3.0bar) are used at the base of the drop legs in order to achieve greater coverage on the basal leaves of the crop. The same features of the CFValve™ apply to Industrial and Commercial usage as well.